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About Us

A top notch gift brand that makes every moment more memorable 

Welcome to Uphar Dekho! We are one of the top printing companies in the country, in creating lovely gifts and surprises for your loved ones to make their moments more memorable. We are a team of experts who have experience in manufacturing, gift designing, and sublimation printing process for the best customization and personalized printing results. We work with a mission to become the best customizable gift brand in India.


We use sublimation printing for our printing process, So you get the best that stays forever. Sublimation is a digital printing method that produces high quality, full color prints on various materials, including textiles and specially coated substrates. 


Why do we use Sublimation Printing ?


Sublimation Printing is great for creating high-quality customized, and

Personalized printed products. It uses heat to transfer dye onto the material, resulting in vibrant and durable prints.The process of  sublimation printing method involves multiple tasks to create a perfect gift for your loved ones.


Design Preparation: A digital image can be prepared using graphic design software, and it can include any combination of colors, patterns or graphics.

Printing: The prepared design is printed onto sublimation paper using sublimation ink, which transforms from a solid to gas under heat and pressure without becoming a liquid.

Transfer: The printed sublimation paper is placed face-down on the material to be printed, typically polyester fabric or a specially coated substrate after that the materials will sandwich together, ensuring proper alignment.

Heat Press: The sandwiched paper and material are subjected to high pressure using a heat press machine, causing the sublimation ink to convert into a gas and bond with the fibers of the material, resulting in a permanent, full-color print. 


Cooling and Finishing: After the transfer is complete, the material is allowed to cool down, solidifying the ink and embedding it into the fabric or coating, resulting in a finished product where the print becomes part of the material itself rather than sitting on top of it.  

Sublimation printing has several advantages, including: 


High-Quality Prints: Sublimation printing produces vibrant, detailed, and long-lasting prints with smooth gradients and unlimited color options. 

Durability: The prints created through sublimation are highly resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling, as the ink becomes a part of the material rather than sitting on its surface. 

Versatility: Sublimation can be used on a wide range of materials, including polyester fabrics, ceramics, metals, and certain plastics. 

Customization: It allows for on-demand printing, making it ideal for personalized or customized products like sportswear, promotional items, home decor, and more.

Sublimation printing is the most effective on materials with a high polyester content or a specially coated surface but the process does not work on natural fabrics like cotton because the ink requires a synthetic or polymer base to bond with. 



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